By Major General Sir C. E. Callwell. K.C.B.

Lieutenant general Maude is perhaps unfortunately mostly remembered for his part in the evacuation of Gallipoli. During the evacuation Maude worked hard to ensure that Headquarters Kit was evacuated, whether by this he meant the headquarters paperwork or his personal kit is unknown but he arrived at the beach  just minutes before the last boat left commenting “before we left the shore the bonfires had begun to blaze and the explosives were going off” This incident spawned a number of poems and songs based on the popular music hall song “come into the garden Maud” repurposed as “Come into the lighter Maude”

Unfortunately this pushes into the background his service in the Boar War as well as his brigade command at the beginning of the first world war in France and then his and his hard work in Mesopotamia leading to the recapture of Kut and Baghdad in 1917.

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